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Goof Troop

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D0C0-3FA8 + B3C9-3DD8 4 hearts give you a life D4C0-3FA8 + B3C9-3DD8 2 hearts give you a life D4A8-4762 2 hearts from cherries D0A8-47A2 4 hearts from bananas DFA8-47A2 1 heart from bananas C96F-3F6C Infinite lives DBCD-146D Start with 9 lives D1CD-146D Start with 6 lives DFCD-146D Start with 1 life D46F-C70E + E264-C70E Goofy has quicker left-right movement D46E-170E + E26D-C70E Max has quicker left-right movement.

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