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Books: How to Win at Super NES Games - Super NES Games Secrets Conquering SNES Games
3C1F-EDAC Never lose a shield when shot--Switch off effects to kill enemies 8511-ED6C Don't die from most falls D4D4-5F78 Start with 1 shield D7D4-5F78 Start with 2 shields D0D4-5F78 Start with 3 shields D1D4-5F78 Start with 5 shields D8D4-5F78 Start with 1 shields F9D4-5F78 Start with 20 shields 77D4-5F78 Start with 50 shields 19D4-5F78 Start with 100 shields 74F0-5F7B Start with 50 credits 10F0-5F7B Start with 100 credits ECF0-5F7B Start with 250 credits D4F0-5DEB Start with 512 credits D0F0-5DEB Start with 1024 credits

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