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Final Fantasy 2

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There are two versions of this game. If one code doesn't word, try the other one 82A3-6F63 / 82AE-6F63 Almost infinite hit points--can make big monsters (and sometimes normal monsters) invincible--switch off to defeat them 8267-0D62 /8267-0D62 Magic power doesn't go down--only in battles, doesn't work for twins C2AD-AD69 + C3AD-AFA9 /C2AD-AD69 + C3AD-AFA9 Money doesn't decrease in shops For the rest of the codes, ignore the message saying how much you won or lost 1B39-070E + B139-076E + 3C39-07AE / 1B35-0D6E + B135-0DAE + 3C35-0FDE Get at least 150 gold pieces after each battle 1B39-070E + EE39-076E + 3C39-07AE / 3335-076E Get at least 255 gold pieces after each battle 3335-0D6E / 3336-0FAE Get at least 65,536 gold pieces after each battle C262-DF03 + C262-D763 / C262-DF03 + C262-D763 Money doesn't decrease if you run away from a battle

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