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F1 ROC--Race of Champions

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BA26-A44F Start player with no money instead of $500 3C26-AF4F + CB26-AF1F + D426-AF3F Start player with $5,240 3C26-AF4F + CB26-AF1F + D626-AF3F Start player with $20,600 3C26-AF4F + CB26-AF1F + 0D26-AF3F Start player with $163,960 3C26-AF4F + CB26-AF1F + 6D26-AF3F Start player with $327,800 3C26-AF4F + CB26-AF1F + EE26-AF3F Start player with $652,920 C9A8-07DD No damage when hitting walls C922-0FDD No damage when hitting other cars DDEE-6F21 Normal tires are free DDEE-6491 Hi-grip tires are free DDEE-6F91 Rain tires are free DDED-A491 2L nitro is free DDED-A421 3L nitro is free DDED-A791 4L nitro is free DDEE-6721 + DDED-ADF1 Ford V-8 engine is free DDED-AD91 + DDED-ADB1 Ilmoa V-8 engine is free DDED-AD21 + DDED-AFF1 Remart V-10 engine is free DDE3-6791 Low DF rear wing is free DDEE-6D91 + DDEE-6DB1 High DF rear wing is free DDE3-6D21 Low DF front wing is free DDE3-6F21 + DDE3-64F1 High DF front wing is free DDE3-6491 + DDE3-64B1 Special-L front wing is free DDE2-6421 Small diffuser is free DDE2-6721 Large diffuser is free DDE3-6D91 + DDE3-6DB1 Special diffuser is free DDE2-6F21 Hard suspension is free DDE2-6491 + DDE2-64B1 Active suspension is free DDE2-6D91 Carbon brakes are free DDE2-6D21 + DDE2-6FF1 Antilock brakes are free DDEA-6491 5-speed transmission is free DDEA-6421 + DDEA-67F1 6-speed transmission is free DDEA-6791 + DDEA-67B1 7-speed transmission is free DDEA-6D21 + DDEA-6FF1 Type 2 chassis is free DDEA-6F91 + DDEA-6FB1 Type 3 chassis is free

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