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C28F-AF4D Protection from most small monsters 3CA0-0DC7 Infinite life energy CEAE-0D17 Infinite magic-must have enough MP for spell to work CB2A-C4D9 More energy from apples 4F27-1F00 + 4020-1FD0 Super jump FC27-1F00 + 4020-1FD0 Mega-jump DD86-674F + 3C86-671F Colored doors don't need keys B32C-4FA0 + CD2C-4700 Super speed D9AC-6437 'Slow' spell lasts 2x as long D6AC-6437 'Slow' spell lasts 3x as long D9AB-6FC7 'Freeze' spell lasts 2x as long D6AB-6FC7 'Freeze' spell lasts 3x as long

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