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Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest

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There are two versions of some of these codes. If the first code doesn't work, try the other code E6EE-A7D7 + 6DAF-12EB + 6D8D-C33E/ E6EE-A7D7 + 6DA4-1A8B + 6D8F-C33E Master code-Must be entered C2A1-CE5B/C2A5-C37B Infinite lives D465-3D67/D46C-3D07 Start with 3 lives DB65-3D67/DB6C-3D07 Start with 10 lives F665-3D67/F66C-3D07 Start with 25 lives 7F65-3D67/7F6C-3D07 Start with 50 lives 1765-3D67/176C-3D07 Start with 99 lives D4A1-437C/D4A5-4AEC Getting 100 bananas gives you 2 extra lives D9A1-437C/D9A5-4AEC Getting 100 bananas gives you 5 extra lives EEC2-1A1D/EECC-CA4D When your last Kong is hit, the other one returns. DD6C-C7D4/DD62-C4A4 Pressing Select while paused exits any level, not just completed ones 626D-4EBD Start with more Kong Family Coins C2B9-13B7/C2B1-13F7 Kong Family Coins don't get used up 626D-432D Start a new game with more Kremcoins C2B9-1297/C2B1-1A27 Kremcoins don't get used up EDD0-735A Mega-jump for Diddy E7D0-735A Super-jump for Diddy E1D0-735A Diddy jumps higher EBD0-735A Diddy doesn't jump as high ECD0-735A Diddy jumps much lower EDD7-5AEA Mega-jump for Dixie E7D7-5AEA Super-jump for Dixie E5D7-5AEA Dixie jumps higher EBD7-5AEA Dixie doesn't jump as high ECD7-5AEA Dixie jumps much lower EFDD-535A Mega-jump for Rambi with Diddy riding E7DD-535A Super-jump for Rambi with Diddy riding E5DD-535A Rambi jumps higher with Diddy riding ECDD-535A Rambi doesn't jump as high with Diddy riding

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