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Books: How to Win at Super NES Games - Super NES Games Secrets Conquering SNES Games
766C-1766 Numbered t-shirts worth one more DDB1-175C Infinite lives DD34-4D6D Start with 1 life D034-4D6D Start with 5 lives 4034-4D6D Start with 25 lives 9D34-4D6D Start with 50 lives 5934-4D6D Start with 75 lives DD60-1FD6 Each yarn ball worth 0 D960-1FD6 Each yarn ball worth 5 FD60-1FD6 Each yarn ball worth 10 DD69-4F6C Crate of yarn holds 0 instead of 25 9D69-4F6C Crate of yarn holds 50 5969-4F6C Crate of yarn holds 75 BB69-4F6C Crate of yarn holds 99 DF6D-472A Start on chapter 2 D46D-472A Start on chapter 3 D76D-472A Start on chapter 4 D06D-472A Start on chapter 5 D96D-472A Start on chapter 6 D16D-472A Start on chapter 7 D66D-472A Start on chapter 8 DC6D-472A Start on chapter 9 DA6D-472A Start on chapter 10 D26D-472A Start on chapter 11 D36D-472A Start on chapter 12 DE6D-472A Start on chapter 13 FD6D-472A Start on chapter 14 FF6D-472A Start on Chapter 15 F46D-472A Start on Chapter 16 946B-1D8B Bogus jump 716B-1D8B Super jump 436B-1D8B Mega-jump DDB4-3404 Infinite time

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