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Boxing Legends of the Ring

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DF8D-CDA7 Each round is 1 minute D48D-CDA7 Each round is 2 minutes C2BA-A7A7 Infinite time per round (must get knockout) For the next three codes, ignore the timer D08D-CDA7 Each round is 4 minutes D98D-CDA7 Each round is 5 minutes D18D-CDA7 Each round is 6 minutes You may have to turn off effects until after ring announcements 338F-C7A4 Start on round 5 A38F-C7A4 Start on round 12 DD87-C4D4 Both fighters start with no super punches D487-C4D4 Both fighters start with 2 super punches D787-C4D4 Both fighters start with 3 super punches C26D-3F05 Infinite super punches for player 1 C260-C4A9 Infinite super punches for player 2 or computer For the rest of the codes, ignore punch meter graphics 6DEE-CF4E Create a stronger left jab 6DEE-CFCE Create a stronger left hook body 6DEE-C44E Create a stronger left hook head 6DEE-C4CE Create a stronger left uppercut 6DEE-C74E Create a stronger right cross body 6DEE-C7CE Create a stronger right cross head 6DED-3D4E Create a stronger right uppercut DD2B-17D9 + C229-C4D9 Infinite strength beads

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