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3C37-A7D4 Infinite weapons--except for flame DDC0-C770 Maximum weapons on pick up CD61-0D64 Slow down timer 7961-0D64 Speed up timer 3CC7-3F85 Infinite remotes F0A6-1D59 Start with 20 3-way F0A6-1FE9 Start with 20 flame F0A6-1759 Start with 20 rocket F0AB-1DE9 Start with 20 bolt F0AB-1459 Start with 20 wave D1A8-1479 Start with 6 of selected remote DEA8-1479 Start with 15 of selected remote D666-0DDD Start with 9 lives D966-0DDD Start with 6 lives DD66-0DDD Start with 1 life 4A6E-0F0D Infinite lives Don't combine the rest of the codes. DDA8-1F89 Start with 3 flash DFA8-1F89 Start with 3 shield D4A8-1F89 Start with 3 umbrella D0A8-1F89 Start with 3 helicopter hat D9A8-1F89 Start with 3 floating bomb

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