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Bill Laimbeer's Combat Basketball

Books: How to Win at Super NES Games - Super NES Games Secrets Conquering SNES Games
76BF-A4AF 2-point shots worth 3, 3-point shots worth 4 1BBF-A7DF + DFBF-A70F All shots worth 1 point 1BBF-A7DF + D7BF-A70F All shots worth 3 points 1BBF-A7DF + D0BF-A70F All shots worth 4 points 1BBF-A7DF + D9BF-A70F All shots worth 5 points 1BBF-A7DF + D1BF-A70F All shots worth 6 points DDB4-67DF Each half is 0:30 instead of 1:30 D4B4-67DF Each half is 2:30 D7B4-67DF Each half is 3:30 D0B4-67DF Each half is 4:30 EEC5-6F16 Start with $65,296 instead of $10,000 6DC5-64C6 Start with $8,398,608 EEC5-64C6 Start with $16,721,680 C2BE-6D4B + C2BE-644B No money is deducted from your total when you trade a player (but you must have enough money to make the trade) C2BE-6D4B + C2BE-644B + 6DBE-AD4B Trade players for free DDB7-67DF Timer continues to count when it is normally stopped (time-out by pressing START)

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