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Batman Returns

Books: How to Win at Super NES Games - Super NES Games Secrets Conquering SNES Games
DB68-4F00 Start with 9 lives instead of 3 C9A5-1764 Infinite lives (only 3/4 view levels) D16F-4464 + D1C0-4DD7 Start with 6 test tubes DB6F-4464 + DBC0-4DD7 Start with 9 test tubes C9A7-C404 Protection from some hazards DDAE-3707 Cape sweep uses up no energy DD2F-4FAD Spear gun uses up no energy FDAE-3707 Cape sweep uses up more energy FD2F-4FAD Spear gun uses up more energy DD2E-3D6B Maximum energy from hearts F9CF-4F05 Cape sweep does more damage F9CD-4705 Normal punch does more damage F9CD-4765 Normal knee does more damage 7DCF-4F05 Cape sweep does mega-damage 7DCD-4705 Normal punch does mega-damage 7DCD-4765 Normal knee does mega-damage D4CF-4F05 Cape sweep does less damage D4CD-4705 Normal punch does less damage D4CD-4765 Normal knee does less damage 7DCF-4D05 +7DCF-4DD5 Jump kick does mega-damage F9CF-4D05 + F9CF-4DD5 Jump kick does more damage D4CF-4D05 + D4CF-4DD5 Jump kick does less damage

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