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CB82-EF0D + D082-EF6D + DD82-EFAD Always fight Kronk CB82-EF0D + D682-EF6D + DD82-EFAD Always fight Boomer CB82-EF0D + DA82-EF6D + DD82-EFAD Always fight Bruiser CB82-EF0D + FD82-EF6D + DD82-EFAD Always fight Turbo CB82-EF0D + F082-EF6D + DD82-EFAD Always fight Tsunami CB82-EF0D + F682-EF6D + DD82-EFAD Always fight Yoko CB82-EF0D + FA82-EF6D + DD82-EFAD Always fight Divine CB82-EF0D + 4D82-EF6D + DD82-EFAD Always fight Crusher DC78-E7AD Start rounds with 10 seconds F078-E7AD Start rounds with 20 seconds F378-E7AD Start rounds with 30 seconds 4678-E7AD Start rounds with 40 seconds 7478-E7AD Start rounds with 50 seconds 7A78-E7AD Start rounds with 60 seconds 0178-E7AD Start rounds with 70 seconds C295-ED64 + C296-E7D4 Infinite time 4EDC-7760 Start with with 1/4 energy 9EDC-7760 Start with with 1/2 energy BEDC-7760 Start with with 3/4 energy CDE8-87AF Death match

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