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Alien 3

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EE26-37D4 Slower fuel consumption for flame thrower 7D26-37D4 Faster fuel consumption for flame thrower FD36-44D1 Start with more rifle clips 4D36-44D1 Start with even more rifle clips D036-44D1 Start with fewer rifle clips FD3B-4F01 Start with more grenade clips 4D3B-4F01 Start with even more grenade clips D03B-4F01 Start with fewer grenade clips 3C28-44D4 Infinite ammo for pulse rifle 3C22-3D64 Infinite ammo for grenade launcher 3C25-3704 Infinite oil for flame thrower D464-1D60 Take less damage DD6D-1700 Maximum energy from medi-kits D76D-1DA0 Less energy from medi-kits EE6B-CD00 Longer invulnerability after being hit DD64-1D60 Most attacks do no damage--can switch on and off The next three codes work on extra clips only, not the ones you start with. 742A-44A4 Less ammo in rifle clips CD2A-44A4 More ammo in rifle clips D923-3D64 Less ammo in grenade clips F023-3D64 More ammo in grenade clips

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