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The Addams Family

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DFB8-6F04 Start with 1 life instead of 5 D7B8-6F04 Start with 3 lives DBB8-6F04 Start with 9 lives 4DB8-6F04 Start with 20 lives 9DB8-6F04 Start with 50 lives BBB8-6F04 Start with 99 lives DDA1-A4A7 Infinite lives 3CA7-A467 Invincibility D9CF-DDAF Each $ worth 5 FDCF-DDAF Each $ worth 10 49CF-DDAF Each $ worth 25 3CAD-A4D4 Invisible Gomez DF61-0F0D + DF61-0F6D Start with 1 heart instead of 2 D761-0F0D + D761-0F6D Start with 3 hearts D061-0F0D + D061-0F6D Start with 4 hearts D961-0F0D + D961-0F6D Start with 5 hearts On the next code, after defeating a boss, land before the password screen comes up. Also, if you fly in the wrong place, you can get trapped and have to reset 3CAD-A46D + 60BA-6704 Start with and keep Fezi-copter flying abilities

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