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Books: Nintendo Games Secrets - The Best of How to Win at Nintendo Games
SXXLIGVG Stop timer IAKUVGPA More magic from small scrolls AEUGSKTZ Multi-mega-jumps PAXSNZLA 1 continue TAXSNZLA 6 continues ZEVSKPPA Start on stage 2 GEVSKPPA Start on stage 4 TEVSKPPA Start on stage 6 AEVSKPPE Start on stage 8 ZEVSKPPE Start on stage 10 GEVSKPPE Start on stage 12 AUUIVPZL + AKUSOPZG Start with 1 life IUUIVPZL + IKUSOPZG Start with 6 lives PUUIVPZU + PKUSOPZK Start with 9 lives SXKTTUVK + SXKVPUVK Infinite lives

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