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Wizards and Warriors 2: Ironsword

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OXXANAVK Infinite lives OZUAXPVK Infinite continues GXXSNKVS Infinite spells AEEOEAZA Food gives full energy AAOPNPZA Drink gives full energy LEVEXZAA Start with axe and helm ZEVAVXNY Start with shield AAOAGUGA Start with ironsword AASIYPLA Fleet foot jumping OXKSYUPX Fleet foot running LEEEPZAE Start on wind level GOEEPZAA Start on tree level TOEEPZAA Start on water level IOEEPZAA Start on outer fire level LUEEPZAA Start on lower earth level PUEEPZAA Start on lower icefire mountain PENAEZLA + PESEXPLA Start with 1 life TENAEZLA + TESEXPLA Start with 6 lives

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