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Ultima: Quest of the Avatar

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AZKPTIPA Start with 8336 Gold Pieces instead of 400 APKPTIPA Start with 4240 Gold Pieces AAKPTIPA Start with 144 Gold Pieces (for experts) ZEVPTIAA Mage starts with 712 Hit Points instead of 200 PAOPTTAA Mage starts with 381 Experience points instead of 125 AXNOIIAP Mage starts with Strength of 32 instead of 16 GTXPIVAA Start with 100 Ash instead of 8 GTXPTVAA Start with 100 Ginseng instead of 8 GTXPYVPA Start with 100 Garlic instead of 9 GTXOATYA Start with 100 Silkweb instead of 7 GTXOPVAA Start with 100 Moss instead of 8 GTXOZTGA Start with 100 Pearl instead of 4 GTXOLTAA Start with 100 Fungus instead of none GTXOGTAA Start with 100 Manroot instead of none AEKITITG Heal costs nothing instead of 70 AAVILSZA Cure poison costs nothing instead of 10 PAEENYOT Axe costs 1 instead of 225 PAEEUYGP Staff costs 1 instead of 20 AAOAXYPA Sword costs 144 instead of 400 AAEAKYZA Bow costs 168 instead of 680 PAXAONEG Leather costs 1 instead of 200 AAXAKYZA Chain costs 88 instead of 600 AAXEXNPA Plate costs 196 instead of 2500 AUNOYSLP Fighter starts with Strength of 48 instead of 27 NYOOPVSK Fighter starts with Experience of 255 instead of 205 LEVOZIPA Fighter starts with 812 Hit Points instead of 300 LKNPYIAE Fighter starts with 75 Magic Points instead of none

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