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Tiny Toon Adventures 2

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ZAEYPYPA Start with 20 tickets instead of 10 IAEYPYPA Start with 50 tickets instead of 10 PAEYPYPE Start with 90 tickets instead of 10 VVVNAVSE Start with 110 tickets instead of 10 SXUXVXVK Protection against hits on log ride SZSEASVK Protection against hits on train SZOOUXVK Protection against hits on bumper cars SXKAYUVK Protection against hits on roller coaster SZSALOVK Protection against hits in fun house AANPYPLA Log ride costs nothing instead of 3 tickets IANPYPLA Log ride costs 5 tickets AANPIPZA Train costs nothing instead of 2 tickets IANPIPZA Train costs 5 tickets AANPPPGA Roller coaster costs nothing instead of 4 tickets TANPPPGA Roller coaster costs 6 tickets AANPLPPA Bumper cars cost nothing instead of 1 ticket GANPLPPA Bumper cars cost 4 tickets AANOZPIA Fun house costs nothing instead of 50 normal tickets PANOZPIA Fun house costs 10 normal tickets PANOZPIE Fun house costs 90 normal tickets

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