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Super Mario Bros. 2

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SZNESXVK Infinite lives GZELVXSE Infinite life meter (except if you hit a spike) SXUASXOU Quick pick up AEUEKKGL Special "squat" high jumps PPXAOIAA Princess has mega-float PAXAOIAA Princess has mega-float and lunar descent PESEGLGA Super moonjumps for Mario AAEEZGPA Mega moonjumps for Luigi PENALLGA Super moonjumps for Toad PAXAPGGA Super moonjumps for Princess AEXALGZA Speed up enemies GOEANKAO + USEEEKKA Walk backwards XVVANSZK + XVNEXSZV Super turbo running AEVAVIIA + AENEEITA Permanent turbo running AXSETUAO + ESVAPUEV Super fast run for Mario AZEEGKAO + EIEEYKEV Super fast run for Luigi AXNAIUAO + ESNEAUEV Fast run for Toad AZXALKAO + EIXATKEV Super fast run for Princess AXNAZSAA + EVNALSEY Super speed enemies Note: There are two versions given for some of the following Codes. If one code doesn't work on your game, then try the alternate Code. YESUAPTE / YESLPPTE Strong Wart IAVENYZE / IAVEUYZE Strong Birdetta YEVXVYLE / YEVZNYLE Strong Hawkmouth AAVENYZA / AAVEUYZA Weak Birdetta TPEPLAAX / TONENYAX Birdetta spits eggs instead of fireballs (appears in late levels of the game) YAXXIYZE Strong Tryclyde YAVXVGGE Strong Fryguy YAEXTPGE Strong Clawgrip PEEPUZAG + IUEPSZAA + TEEPVZPA Start on World 2 ZEEPUZAG + IUEPSZAA + TEEPVZPA Start on World 3 LEEPUZAG + IUEPSZAA + TEEPVZPA Start on World 4 GEEPUZAG + IUEPSZAA + TEEPVZPA Start on World 5 IEEPUZAG + IUEPSZAA + TEEPVZPA Start on World 6 TEEPUZAG + IUEPSZAA + TEEPVZPA Start on World 7

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