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Snake Rattle 'N Roll

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SXEYOZVG Freeze timer AGNNVXTT Faster timer EPNNVXTT Slower timer AEXAYZZA 1 life, both players IEXAYZZA 6 lives, both players AEXAYZZE 9 lives, both players AEUAETZA 1 life, both players, after continue IEUAETZA 6 lives, both players, after continue AEUAETZE 9 lives, both players, after continue PEUEGXNY Start at level 2 ZEUEGXNY Start at level 3 LEUEGXNY Start at level 4 GEUEGXNY Start at level 5 IEUEGXNY Start at level 6 TEUEGXNY Start at level 7 SLOUSVVS Infinite lives, both players ZAXOSGPA Super jump LAXOSGPA Mega-jump

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