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NYOYXLYE Infinite health NYUVOZTE Infinite lives PEUAPZLA Start with 2 lives IEUAPZLA Start with 6 lives YEUAPZLA Start with 8 lives PEUAPZLE Start with 10 lives VNXELSSO Start with $11 instead of 0 OUEAXXOO Infinite collectibles YPEYOUGU Shorter invincibility after getting hit ITEYOUGL Longer invincibility after getting hit ZAXNPZIA 2 custard pies picked up PAXNPZIE 9 custard pies picked up OZEEPYES + PAEEZYZZ Start on Rescue the Maiden level OZEEPYES + PAEEZYZZ + SAEELNVV Start on Out West level OZEEPYES + ZAEEZYZZ + SAEELNVV Start on Robin Hoek level

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