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If one code doesn't work, try the other code. AAEIPPPA /AASIUAPA Infinite continues AEXEPPZA / AAUAGZZA No continues IEXEPPZA / IAUAGZZA 5 continues AEXEPPZE / AAUAGZZE 8 continues GEUGAPPA / GAOGOAPA Max turbo on first pick-up GEKKGPPA / GAXKSAPA Max tires on first pick-up GAVGIPPA / GEKGTYPA Max speed on first pick-up ZEUGAPPA / ZAOGOAPA Double turbo on first pick-up ZEKKGPPA / ZAXKSAPA Double tires on first pick-up ZAVGIPPA / ZEKGTYPA Double speed on first pick-up SXVLGZAK / SZKLOPAK Computer cars go crazy!

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