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Quattro Arcade

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Go! Dizzy Go!

PAVGZILA Start with 1 life TAVGZILA Start with 6 lives PAVGZILE Start with 9 lives ZEEKGIPA Start on world 1, stage 3 GEEKGIPA Start on world 1, stage 5 TEEKGIPA Start on world 2, stage 2 AEEKGIPE Start on world 2, stage 4 AOEKGIPA Start on world 4, stage 2 ZOEKGIPA Start on world 4, stage 4 GOEKGIPA Start on world 5, stage 1 TOEKGIPA Start on world 5, stage 3 AOEKGIPE Start on world 5, stage 5 XVTISU + XVTIVU Always kill monsters

Stunt Buggies

PAKVXGLA Start with 1 life TAKVXGLA Start with 6 lives PAKVXGLE Start with 9 lives SXOXZEVK Infinite lives

F-16 Renegade

PEUGEALA Start with 2 lives--1-player game TEUGEALA Start with 7 lives--1-player game PEUGEALE Start with 10 lives--1-player game LEUGSAPA + PEKGXAAA Start on level 3 IEUGSAPA + ZEKGXAAA Start on level 5 YEUGSAPA + LEKGXAAA Start on level 7 PEUGSAPE + GEKGXAAA Start on level 9

C.J.'s Elephant Antics

PASTSVPA Start with 1 life IASTSVPA Start with 5 lives YASTSVPE Start with 15 lives GPSTSVPA Start with 20 lives SUKTZUVS Infinite lives PAEYOAAA Start in Switzerland ZAEYOAAA Start in Egypt LAEYOAAA Start in Africa With the last two codes, you have to lose all of your lives before the codes will work PAONILAA Always run fast YAONILAE Super C.J.

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