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Quattro Adventure

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Boomerang Kid

TAOGPTLA Start with 6 lives SZOGXVVK Infinite lives

Linus Spacehead

PEKGGLLE Start with 9 lives AZKKPNAP Increase oxygen AEULZIPA Never lose oxygen SXEGLYVG Never lose life in the water SZXIILVG Never lose life in the land

Super Robin Hood

PAVGILLA Start with 1 life TAVGILLA Start with 6 lives PAVGILLE Start with 9 lives SXNKZIVG Infinite lives AVONISPG Become invincible PAEGLTLE 9 energy hearts--you may lose some of the hearts you have when you pick up new ones

Treasure Island Dizzy

With the first code you will start in the island in the sky, so just keep walking left and you will arrive at the original starting point PEXSZYAA Invincible Dizzy OZNTKASX Walk backwards PEUSYYAA Start with snorkel PEUSYYAA + PEKNIZZP Start with axe PEUSYYAA + ZEKNIZZP Start with dynamite PEUSYYAA + IEKNIZZP Start with heavy weight

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