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Mechanized Attack

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SXUNPEVK Infinite lives SZUNTOVK Infinite grenades SZEYIOVK Infinite bullets AEVOAPLA Reduce damage by half EZOKIAXZ + PAOKTAAA + KANKPEVE Start with only 1 life EZOKIAXZ + TAOKTAAA + KANKPEVE Start with 6 lives EZOKIAXZ + PAOKTAAE + KANKPEVE Start with 9 lives EZOKIAXZ + AAOKTAAA + KANKTEVE Start with only 1 magazine EZOKIAXZ + YAOKTAAA + KANKTEVE Start with 8 magazines GPONAOAZ + GPEYLEAZ Magazine holds only half normal amount of bullets after first magazine used EZOKIAXZ + PAOKTAAA + KEEGZEVE Start with only 1 grenade EZOKIAXZ + AAOKTAAE + KEEGZEVE Start with 8 grenades

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