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The Little Mermaid

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AASGATZA Start with 1 life IASGATZA Start with 6 lives AASGATZE Start with 9 lives SZSSPLVG Infinite lives GZSILLSA Keep red pearls after dying GZSIILSA Keep green pearls after dying PAKKGTAA Start on 2nd stage ZAKKGTAA Start on 3rd stage LAKKGTAA Start on 4th stage GAKKGTAA Start on 5th stage IAKKGTAA Start on Ursula stage LASIZLAA Get all pearls after dying LAKKGTAA + ILKKTVOV Start with all red pearls LAKKGTAA + TLKKTVOV Start with all green pearls PASGGTLA + PAXGAYLA Start with 1 heart IASGGTLA + IAXGAYLA Start with 5 hearts

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