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Lethal Weapon

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OLSSGSOO Infinite ammo when shooting on the ground AKVIXAAP E restores energy fully AEVIXAAP E worth nothing AKKSEAAP Extra ammo restores energy fully AEKSEAAP Extra ammo worth nothing--if you run out of ammo you can't use gun till next stage AEUYXAAZ No energy lost when falling off screen AKUYXAAZ Falling off screen is fatal NNNISAAU Bullet proof vest lasts longer XVUKOOXK Bullet proof vest lasts until end of stage--except when you die from punches or falling off screen XTUGTXXK Start on Level 2 OUSSISOO + OUXIPSOO Infinite ammo when shooting in the air ZENISAAU or AONISAAL Bullet proof vest does not last as long XZUGLXVL + LAUGGZNP + XTUGIZEK Start on Level 3

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