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Home Alone 2

Books: Nintendo Games Secrets - The Best of How to Win at Nintendo Games
PEEPILLA Start with 1 life instead of 3 IEEPILLA Start with 5 lives YEEPILLA Start with 7 lives PEEPILLE Start with 9 lives POEPILLE Start with 25 lives ZUEPILLA Start with 50 lives LKEPILLE Start with 75 lives LVEPILLA Start with 99 lives SZEYKVVK Infinite lives AENYVGGE Every 4 cookies count as 8 GENYVGGE Every 4 cookies count as 12 AONYVGGA Every 4 cookies count as 16 GONYVGGA Every 4 cookies count as 20 (extra life point) IAOVUGTA Extra life with 5 pizza slices instead of 6 GAOVUGTA Extra life with 4 pizza slices LAOVUGTA Extra life with 3 pizza slices ZAOVUGTA Extra life with 2 pizza slices PAOVUGTA Extra life with every pizza slice SZNYSSVK Infinite power units/life points SZSVLVVK Become almost invincible after losing 1 life point (can walk thru most enemies--vacuum cleaner can still kill you) SZOELKVK Infinite slides on pick-up SZVETKVK Infinite darts on pick-up SZSAAKVK Infinite flying fists on pick-up

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