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Final Fantasy

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SZULIEVS "LIFE" Spell never uses up Magic Points SZVULEVS "LIF2" Spell never uses up Magic Points TESGTYZA Magic Users start with 6 Magic Points PESGTYZE Magic Users start with 9 Magic Points ELEXVLEY + AESGANGA + AESGGNAA Non-magic users can use Level 1 Magic AZOUGAEP + LAOUIAPA Start with 800 Gold GXSZPKSV + GXSXZKSV Almost infinite Gold Enter the rest of the codes at the start of the game. TGKLPALZ Double Fighter Hit Points GPKUAEZA Double Fighter's Hit ZTKUPAIU Double Fighter's Evade ZAKLTAIE Double Fighter's Luck GLSLPETO Double Thief's Hit Points TASLYAZA Triple Thief's Damage ZASUAAIE Double Thief's Hit GYSUPEZL Double Thief's Evade TPSLTEYE Double Thief's Luck ZGVLPAPZ Double Black Belt's Hit Points TAVLYAZA Triple Black Belt's Damage ZAVUAAIE Double Black Belt's Hit ZTVUPAIU Double Black Belt's Evade ZAVLTAIE Double Black Belt's Luck GLNLPETO Double Red Mage's Hit Points ZANLYAIE Double Red Mage's Damage TANUAAYE Double Red Mage's Hit GYNUPEZL Double Red Mage's Evade ZANLTAIE Double Red Mage's Luck AUELPEGO Double White Mage's Hit Points TEELYAZA Triple White Mage's Damage ZEEUAAIE Double White Mage's Hit ZVEUPAIU Double White Mage's Evade ZEELTAIE Double White Mage's Luck ZUOLPEPP Double Black Mage's Hit Points LEOLYAPA Triple Black Mage's Damage ZEOUAAIE Double Black Mage's Hit GNOUPEZL Double Black Mage's Evade GOOLTEZA Double Black Mage's Luck

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