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Elevator Action

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GXEUOUVK Player 1 has infinite lives AAULNLZA Player 1 starts with 1 life IAULNLZA Player 1 starts with 6 lives AAULNLZE Player 1 starts with 9 lives IEVUULZA Player 2 starts with 6 lives AEVUULZE Player 2 starts with 9 lives GASTLPTA Can only shoot one bullet PESIAYLA + NNUSZNSN Slower man IESIAYLA + XNUSZNSN Faster man ZAVTLOAE + VYVTYOEY Faster bullets GAVTLOAA + KYVTYOEN Slower bullets GEONGPZA + XNXNGOVN Faster enemy PEONGPZA + NNXNGOVN Slower enemy

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