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Die Hard

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SXEZTYSA Lose no life points when shot with pistol SXOZIYSA Lose no life points when shot with submachine gun SXXZLYSA Lose no life points when punched PEOKIPAP Start with 1 life point instead of 16 ZEOKIPAP Start with 2 life points GEOKIPAP Start with 4 life points AEOKIPAO Start with 8 life point GEOKIPAO Start with 12 life points GOOKIPAP Start with 20 life points SXOYYUSE Lose foot health very slowly AEXGPOYA Start with no pistol shots instead of 15 IEXGPOYA Start with 5 pistol shots ZEXGPOYE Start with 10 pistol shots GOXGPOYA Start with 20 pistol shots POXGPOYE Start with 25 pistol shots ATNALXVG Infinite pistol shots ATNEIXVG Infinite submachine gun shots ATVEIZSZ Infinite shots on all guns ENUYPOGL Run timer down at 1/4 normal speed KUUYPOGL Run timer down at 1/3 normal speed ANUYPOGU Run timer down at 1/2 normal speed TOUYPOGU Run timer down at 2x normal speed GOUYPOGL Run timer down at 3x normal speed YEUYPOGU Run timer down at 4x normal speed AVUNGPSZ Freeze timer

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