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Books: Nintendo Games Secrets - The Best of How to Win at Nintendo Games
SZVZGOVK Start with infinite lives NYEATXNY Start with 1 life UYEATXNN Start with 5 lives AAEATXNN Start with 18 lives GOOZZPZA 20 'genocides' on new life SZNPVOVK Infinite bombs SXEUSSVK Infinite 'genocides' SXOPUSVK Infinite shields SZNOLNVK Infinite seekers NNOEPPAE Start with rear laser GZKZZOSE Keep rear laser after death GZKXAOSE + GZKZIOSE Keep mace after death GPUETZPA + GOOZYPPA Start new life with 20 shields GPKAZZIA + GOOXGPIA Start with 20 seekers and bouncers AZUALZGO + AXEXIPGO Start with double bombs

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