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Chip 'N Dale Rescue Rangers 2

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PEUYIILA Both start with 1 life ZEUYIILA Both start with 2 lives GEUYIILA Both start with 4 lives IEUYIILA Both start with 5 lives GXKZKTVI Almost infinite lives--both players PEOYZILA Both start with 1 heart ZEOYZILA Both start with 2 hearts GEOYZILA Both start with 4 hearts IEOYZILA Both start with 5 hearts OUXLLEVS Infinite hearts--both PANNAILA Start with 1 credit ZANNAILA Start with 2 credits TANNAILA Start with 6 credits PANNAILE Start with 9 credits NYNNAILE Start with 255 credits (ignore the counter) OXUNGIVK Infinite credits

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