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Books: Nintendo Games Secrets - The Best of How to Win at Nintendo Games
GZUKYPVG Infinite lives for both players GZKSLZVG Freeze weapon timer PEUKPZLA Player 1 start with 1 life PEKGGZLA Player 2 start with 1 life TEUKPZLA Player 1 start with 6 lives TEKGGZLA Player 2 start with 6 lives PEUKPZLE Player 1 start with 9 lives PEKGGZLE Player 2 start with 9 lives ZANKLZPA Start game on level 2 LANKLZPA Start game on level 3 GANKLZPA Start game on level 4 IANKLZPA Start game on level 5 LTUKTLAA Start each life with 3-way firing and 99 seconds

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