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Best of the Best Championship Karate

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AANIGYPA + VTNIPYSA Each round is 0:10 instead of 1:00 AANIGYPA + OZVSYYSE + ZANIANTI Each round is 0:20 AANIGYPA + OZVSYYSE + LANIANTI Each round is 0:30 AANIGYPA + OZVSYYSE + GANIANTI Each round is 0:40 AANIGYPA + OZVSYYSE + IANIANTI Each round is 0:50 ZANIGYPA Each round is 2:00 LANIGYPA Each round is 3:00 GANIGYPA Each round is 4:00 IANIGYPA Each round is 5:00 TANIGYPA Each round is 6:00 YANIGYPA Each round is 7:00 AANIGYPE Each round is 8:00 PANIGYPE Each round is 9:00 PAOSUZIA Each match is 1 round instead of 5 ZAOSUZIA Each match is 2 rounds LAOSUZIA Each match is 3 rounds GAOSUZIA Each match is 4 rounds TAOSUZIA Each match is 6 rounds SXVSAZVG Infinite time (round never ends) ZLEAZETP Start with 50 resistance points ZLEAPEAZ Start with 50 strength points ZLEALAGP Start with 50 reflex points TGEAZETP Start with 70 resistance points TGEAPEAZ Start with 70 strength points TGEALAGP Start with 70 reflex points AAEVVAGE + AEETOPZA Gain more strength and reflex points in training APEVVAGA + AEETOPZA Gain more resistance points in training The last two codes cause some graphic errors near top of screen OXNSGIOU + TONSIIZE All physical types are 30 OXNSGIOU + ZUNSIIZA All physical types are 50

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