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Books: Nintendo Games Secrets - The Best of How to Win at Nintendo Games
PENVZILA 1 life TENVZILA 6 lives PENVZILE 9 lives GXXZZLVI Infinite lives GXEILUSO Enemies easier to kill EYSAUVEI Mega-jumping AEUZITPA Super fast punching ZAXAALAA Start on level 2 -- Wookie Hole LAXAALAA Start on level 3 -- Turbo Tunnel GAXAALAA Start on level 4 -- Arctic Cavern IAXAALAA Start on level 5 -- Surf City TAXAALAA Start on level 6 -- Karnath's Lair YAXAALAA Start on level 7 -- Volkmire's Inferno AAXAALAE Start on level 8 -- Intruder Excluder PAXAALAE Start on level 9 -- Terra Tubes ZAXAALAE Start on level 10 -- Rat Race LAXAALAE Start on level 11 -- Clinger Winger GAXAALAE Start on level 12 -- The Revolution AOUKXNAA Double energy from flies YXUKXNAE Maximum energy from flies!

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