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Adventures of Tom Sawyer

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VZOGGPVG Infinite Toms PEUZIALA Player 1 starts with 1 Tom PANXLLLA Player 2 starts with 1 Tom TEUZIALA Player 1 starts with 6 Toms TANXLLLA Player 2 starts with 6 Toms PEUZIALE Player 1 starts with 9 Toms PANXLLLE Player 2 starts with 9 Toms IAXGTSZA Only 5 T's lost from skulls OGSZZSVU Start at the river--Player 1 KISZZSVL Start in the forest--Player 1 NISZZSVU Start in the house--Player 1 XTSZZSVU Start in the sky--Player 1 SYSZZSVL Start in the cave--Player 1 ZEEZALPA + AEEXZLLE Start at the river--Player 2 LEEZALPA + IEEXZLLE Start in the forest--Player 2 GEEZALPA + ZOEXZLLA Start in the house--Player 2 IEEZALPA + YOEXZLLA Start in the sky--Player 2 TEEZALPA + GOEXZLLE Start in the cave--Player 2

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