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Super Mario Land 3 Wario Land

Books: GAME BOY Secret Codes - Secret Codes 2003 - Game Boy Games Secrets
Please take note: Because of the way Wario Land uses battery backup RAM, this cart will not work on some Game Genie/Game Boy combinations. There is nothing that can be done about this. If you think you will not enjoy the experience of trying the codes and finding that they do not work, then please do not try. (One thing that sometimes helps is installing fresh batteries or using an adequate power supply.) Enter codes, press Start, go into "clear" pipe on the right side, move the bomb to desired pipe, press Down, then go down that pipe as Wario. 10B 7D8 F7E Start with 10 lives 25B 7D8 F7E Start with 25 lives 50B 7D8 F7E Start with 50 lives 99B 7D8 F7E Start with 99 lives 00B 7E8 E6E Start as Small Wario 02B 7E8 E6E Start as Bull Wario 03B 7E8 E6E Start as Jet Wario 04B 7E8 E6E Start as Dragon Wario FAD 63F 4C1 Don't lose current power-up when you get hit or get a new power-up (switchable) 10B 7C8 E6A Start with 10 hearts 25B 7C8 E6A Start with 25 hearts 50B 7C8 E6A Start with 50 hearts 99B 7C8 E6A Start with 99 hearts 10B 7B8 E6A Start with 10 coins 25B 7B8 E6A Start with 25 coins 50B 7B8 E6A Start with 50 coins 99B 7B8 E6A Start with 99 coins 01B 7F8 E6A Start on course 26 103 E4F E6E Get 10 hearts for killing an enemy 253 E4F E6E Get 25 hearts for killing an enemy 503 E4F E6E Get 50 hearts for killing an enemy 993 E4F E6E Get 99 hearts for killing an enemy 003 AAB E62 + C96 C0C 4C1 Most enemies and obstacles are invisible

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