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Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins

Books: GAME BOY Secret Codes - Secret Codes 2003 - Game Boy Games Secrets
Please take note: Because of the way SML 2 uses battery backup RAM, this cart will not work on some Game Genie/Game Boy combinations. There is nothing that can be done about this. If you think you will not enjoy the experience of trying the codes and finding that they do not work, then please do not try. (One thing that sometimes helps is installing fresh batteries or using an adequate power supply.) 023-218-E6E Each defeated enemy worth 2 053-218-E6E Each defeated enemy worth 5 00D-8DA-E6E Stop timer 02D-8DA-E6E Timer counts down by 2 002-41B-F7E Start new game with 1 life instead of 6 092-41B-F7E Start new game with 10 lives instead of 6 242-41B-F7E Start new game with 25 lives instead of 6 492-41B-F7E Start new game with 50 lives instead of 6 742-41B-F7E Start new game with 75 lives instead of 6 992-41B-F7E Start new game with 100 lives instead of 6 001-40C-E6E Infinite lives 024-5BC-E6E Mushroom turns you into Bunny Mario 034-5BC-E6E Mushroom turns you into Fire Mario FA1-B9C-4C1 Stay as Super Mario when hit FA1-C8C-4C1 Stay as Fire or Bunny Mario when hit 004-BBC-19A Hearts (extra life) worth nothing 004-5F8-2AA Play 30 coin game of chance for free 004-288-A2B Play 50 coin game of chance for free 003-F28-E62 Play 200 coin game of chance for free 003-BB8-C4E + 003-BA8-80C Play 999 coin game of chance for free 01D-92E-E6A + 019-2BA-E6A Each coin worth 101 009-22A-19A + 00D-89E-19A Each coin worth 0

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