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Super Chase H.Q.

Books: GAME BOY Secret Codes - Secret Codes 2003 - Game Boy Games Secrets
010-E5A-E66 + 019-08B-E66 Start with 1 turbo boost 020-E5A-E66 + 029-08B-E66 Start with 2 turbo boosts 050-E5A-E66 + 059-08B-E66 Start with 5 turbo boosts 090-E5A-E66 + 099-08B-E66 Start with 9 turbo boosts 007-67E-19E Infinite turbos 777-47E-081 Turbo boosts last half as long 157-47E-081 Turbo boosts are very short 007-14E-F79 Turbo boosts lasts as forever-switch off to fire a turbo boost then switch back on while turbo boost is going 006-78E-E6E Infinite time F59-90B-2A1 Start with lots of points

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