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Star Trek: The Next Generation

Books: GAME BOY Secret Codes - Secret Codes 2003 - Game Boy Games Secrets
FA4-27D-4C1 Infinite shields 001-13D-3BA Damage isn't repaired 001-15D-6E7 Damage repaired immediately 19E-169-7FB Life support starts at 25% power 32E-169-7FB Life support starts at 50% power 4BE-169-7FB Life support starts at 75% power 19E-1A9-7FB Warp drive starts at 25% power 32E-1A9-7FB Warp drive starts at 50% power 4BE-1A9-7FB Warp drive starts at 75% power 19E-1E9-7FB Impulse drive starts at 25% power 32E-1E9-7FB Impulse drive starts at 50% power 4BE-1E9-7FB Impulse drive starts at 75% power 19E-229-7FB Shields start at 25% power 32E-229-7FB Shields start at 50% power 4BE-229-7FB Shields start at 75% power 19E-269-7FB Phasers start at 25% power 32E-269-7FB Phasers start at 50% power 4BE-269-7FB Phasers start at 75% power 19E-2A9-7FB Photon Torpedoes start at 25% power 32E-2A9-7FB Photon Torpedoes start at 50% power 4BE-2A9-7FB Photon Torpedoes start at 75% power 19E-2E9-7FB Sensors start at 25% power 32E-2E9-7FB Sensors start at 50% power 4BE-2E9-7FB Sensors start at 75% power 19E-329-7FB Transporter starts at 25% power 32E-329-7FB Transporter starts at 50% power 4BE-329-7FB Transporter starts at 75% power

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