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Books: GAME BOY Secret Codes - Secret Codes 2003 - Game Boy Games Secrets
00A-8A8-E66 Start 1st game with 1 life 06A-8A8-E66 Start 1st game with 7 lives 09A-8A8-E66 Start 1st game with 10 lives 024-5A9-F72 + 004-5B9-A28 *Start in Forest Zone 034-5A9-F72 + 004-5B9-A28 *Start in Desert Zone 044-5A9-F72 + 004-5B9-A28 *Start in County Zone 054-5A9-F72 + 004-5B9-A28 *Start in Cheese Island Zone *= After entering code, select password option on title screen, enter 500999 to begin on zone in code FAC-A9B-4C1 Infinite lives FA9-40B-4C1 Infinite time 00D-87B-E66 Start continued games with 1 life 06D-87B-E66 Start continued games with 7 lives 09D-87B-E66 Start continued games with 10 lives 05E-F6C-C4E Start with 1/2 time 07E-F6C-C4E Start with 3/4 time

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