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Raging Fighter

Books: GAME BOY Secret Codes - Secret Codes 2003 - Game Boy Games Secrets
10A-9AA-89C Start each fight with 10 seconds 50A-9AA-89C Start with 1/2 time 75A-9AA-89C Start with 3/4 time 009-1FB-A22 Infinite timer 004-E0B-E6D + 007-1AE-3B7 Infinite energy 3EE-5BD-4C1 + 03E-5CD-4CB + 00E-5DD-E61 Start on level 4--1-player tournament only 3EE-5BD-4C1 + 07E-5CD-4CB + 00E-5DD-E61 Start on final level--1-player tournament only 3E1-F2A-4CA + 041-F3A-E62 + 771-F4A-3BA Experts only--go to options, set difficulty--press Left 3 times (won't show anything), then exit--you'll go to 4th level difficulty

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