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Mortal Kombat 2

Books: GAME BOY Secret Codes - Secret Codes 2003 - Game Boy Games Secrets
001-57F-F72 No continues 011-57F-F72 1 continue 031-57F-F72 3 continues 091-57F-F72 9 continues 0F1-57F-F72 15 continues 00D-ABF-3BE Infinite continues 02C-55B-E6E Much faster timer 00C-55B-E6E No timer 2C3-39D-800 Timer starts at 30 3C3-39D-800 Timer starts at 40 4C3-39D-800 Timer starts at 50 5C3-39D-800 Timer starts at 60 009-48B-91D Infinite energy 006-2EB-3B7 + 000-1FA-3B7 Player can't move from floor 3E1-79E-4CA + 031-7AE-A2A + E01-7BE-2A9 *Complete round 1 and go to round 3 3E1-79E-4CA + 041-7AE-A2A + E01-7BE-2A9 *Complete round 1 and go to round 4 003-279-19E + 003-249-19E Computer can't move from floor * Switch off at end of round to advanse F40-E89-2AE Normal punches do more damage 311-009-3B9 Uppercuts do less damage 311-3A9-E69 Back throws do less damage F41-5A9-E60 Special moves (projectiles) do more damage

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