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Mortal Kombat

Books: GAME BOY Secret Codes - Secret Codes 2003 - Game Boy Games Secrets
00C-B5E-3BE Infinite time 005-94C-B31 Player 1 is invincible 109-C7C-E6F Foot sweep does less damage FF9-C7C-E6F Foot sweep does more damage 010-14B-F72 1 continue 050-14B-F72 5 continues 0A0-14B-F72 10 continues 002-96D-B31 Infinite continues 109-AFC-6EE Punches do less damage FF9-AFC-6EE Punches do more damage 109-BFC-E6F Knees do less damage FF9-BFC-E6F Knees do more damage 109-A7C-E60 Uppercuts do less damage FF9-A7C-E60 Uppercuts do more damage 109-CFC-E6F Kicks to stomach do less damage FF9-CFC-E6F Kicks to stomach do more damage 109-B7C-6E3 Kicks to face do less damage FF9-B7C-6E3 Kicks to face do more damage 10A-17C-E6F Shoulder throws do less damage FFA-17C-E6F Shoulder throws do more damage 10A-07C-A2F Sub-Zero's slide does less damage FFA-07C-A2F Sub-Zero's slide does more damage 10A-27C-6EF Sonya's leg grab does less damage FFA-27C-6EF Sonya's leg grab does more damage 10A-1FC-6EF Kano's cannonball does less damage FFA-1FC-6EF Kano's cannonball does more damage 10A-5FC-7F5 Rayden's lightning does less damage FFA-5FC-7F5 Rayden's lightning does more damage

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