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Books: GAME BOY Secret Codes - Secret Codes 2003 - Game Boy Games Secrets
008-1BB-19E Infinite lives *=Display still shows 3 06B-ACA-E66 *Start with 6 lives 09B-ACA-E66 *Start with 9 lives 02B-ACA-E66 *Start with 2 lives 004-50C-3BE When Pookas are partially inflated, they don't shrink 046-D9C-E6E + 043-9ED-E6E + 047-8EB-E6E 1 pump kills monster instantly ´=Display still says level 1 3EC-D9A-08A + 04C-DAA-E62 ´Start on level 4 3EC-D9A-08A + 02C-DAA-E62 ´Start on level 2 3EC-D9A-O8A + 09C-DAA-E62 ´Start on level 9

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