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Boggle Plus

Books: GAME BOY Secret Codes - Secret Codes 2003 - Game Boy Games Secrets
005-AFD-E6E Infinite time 016-BCD-E66 1-minute game 056-BCD-E66 5-minute game 096-BCD-E66 9-minute game D48-82A-E61 Can re-use shaded letters 30E-A9A-4CA Can select any letter on the board--letters don't have to be next to each other Codes for "Boggle" game option: 01B-4CA-E66 *1- and 2-letter words allowed 04B-4CA-E66 Min. word length 4 letters Codes for the "Big Boggle" game option: 01B-8FA-F7A *1- to 3-letter words allowed 05B-8FA-F7A Min. word length 5 letters *= Words under 3 letters allowed but won't be recognized by dictionary. Press "A" at end of game to accept 1- or 2- letter words

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