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Wario Land

Sent in by Barry There are many different endings! If you beat the game with a Rank A, you fly away in a space ship. With Rank C, you ride a flying bike and with Rank D, you make wings and fly home. If you beat it with all of the treasures, you get all of the treasure from the beginning vault along with a flying carpet and a Genie Bottle. Then you ride the carpet with the bottle and treasure. Also you get to play a harder version of the game. In the harder version, everything is the same, but if you beat it with all the treasures, the Genie rows you home on the carpet!
Sent in by Nick Koustenis This ending comes up if you get all 10 Treasures. Wario place all the treasures and the door in front of Wario opens. Then, all the coins in the room go in 1 big bag. Next, he gets a flying carpet and flies away with the treasure. Last, the credits play, and when you press a button on the VB Controller, Wario will break the END. And your game time will appear on the lower-right corner of the title screen.
Sent in by Kyle Broad This ending is if you don't get all the treasures, then it adds all the coins you have, but you lose it for man-powered blimp that you fly home in. If you do get all the treasures, you fly home on a magic carpet with all your money.
Sent in by Wes Bouwkamp When you beat the game the first time on the hard level, Wario will be on the carpet with a girl in a rabbit suit and the final boss "rowing" the carpet and there are fireworks in the background. At the title screen the time you beat the hard game will be printed upside down under the first best time.

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