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Mortal Kombat 3

Sent in by Jennifer Campbell Shang Tsung- He destroys Kahn and Motaro and rules the souls with his own 'brand of evil'. Sindel- She learns the truth about her past, destroys Kahn, is reunited with her daughter, Kitana. Jax- He and Sonya form the Outerworld Investigation Agency to explore Outworld and other realms by using science instead of black magic. Kano- He defeats Kahn and tries to control the souls. He is believed to have died a violent death. Liu Kang- Seeing Kung Lao die, this makes him mad enough to destroy Kahn. Kitana comes to Earth to thank him. Sonya- She defeats Kahn and, with Jax, forms the Outerworld Investigation Agency. Stryker- He defeats Kahn and the world returns to the way it was before the riots. Smoke- He learns he still has a soul, defeats Kahn, and becomes one of the good guys (thanks to Sub-Zero). Sub-Zero- He defeats Sektor and Cyrax, but discovers that the 3rd cyberninja is his old buddy, Smoke. He tells Smoke that he still has a soul, etc.. He destroys Motaro and Kahn and disappears into the shadows. Cyrax- He destroys Kahn and waits for orders from Lin Kuei HQ. The orders never come and badly malfunctions and ends up stuck in the desert. Sektor- He destroys Motaro & Kahn and activates his self-destruct. The explosion closes the portal and returns Earth and all realms back to normal. Nightwolf- He saves the world and his people. They start in repopulating the Earth realm. Sheeva- She defeats Motaro and destroys Kahn. She works to restore the pride and nobility of the Shokan race. Kung Lao- He defeated Kahn, but received fatal wounds during the battle. It is said he died and went to join his ancestor in a new realm. Kabal- He defeated Kahn, and turned to a life of justice. The Black Dragon gang has a new enemy to fear.

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