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Mega Man X

Sent in by Quint After fighting Sigma's robotic wolf, you fight Sigma himself. First he is in a humanoid form, but after you destroy that body his head lifts up and interfaces directly into the Maverick's computer. After X does enough damage, the computer short circuits and the whole building begins to self destruct. While Sigma is dying he tells X about his vision for a robot-run world before his head explodes and X transports outside. He stands on a cliff side watching the island sink into the ocean while a narration tells us about X's slowly emerging humanity. The credits roll while X walks across a highway. After the credits, we hear the Harpsichord music from the shaft where you fought Sigma and Sigma's face appears on screen saying that he has other bodies and will come back for X again with a stronger form. The screen fades and the game resets.
Sent in by Rey

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